Aug 29, 2008

Blog Design Help Needed

Ok readers, I need some blog design help. As you are looking at this, you see at the top of the post the date in large bold black font as if it is the title of the post. When you scroll over the right side of the pink bar seperating the posts you see the actual title show up in a slightly darker shade of pink. I'd like these two items switched. Post title where date is and date where title is, but constantly visable, not a rollover. Please, oh please HELP... I really want to write more and link to other's blogs more, but I'm needing this fixed first. I can copy the html into a word doc and email it to someone if they could help me. Thanks in advance for any help!


JessieLeigh said...

Ryann, I just now saw this post... sorry! I am not at all technically savvy, but I'll ask my hubby tonight and see if he has any suggestions. I honestly never even knew your posts HAD titles?!?

If Tom (my husband) can't figure it out, another good place to ask for help would be BlogCoach.

Ryann said...

Thanks jessieleigh!