Dec 5, 2008

Photo Shoot Accessories

Black sweater from Kohl's for Daddy
(hard to find bright colored sweater for dad's on short notice)
(may try to get him to wear a red scarf we have at home to brighten him up)

Mommy's Scarf from New York & company...
(to be worn with a teal sweater I already own)

Addy's sweater from The Children's Place
(to be worn with matching hat)
Socks for mommy from Target
(for the cute picture with the stockings & ornaments, probably will wear the stiped ones)

I found a lollipop similar to this one in the Target $1 spot, so I picked it up for Addy in the photo shoot too, thought it would be so cute.

I also got Addyson a cream cable knit sweater (found on the clearance rack at The Children's Place) to wear for some of the photos too. I'm going to look today for some little black shoes for her to wear... something other than the pink and white tennis shoes she has. We're all going to be comfy and wear jeans. Now I just have to worry about Addy's hair. It really needs to be trimmed, but I'm afraid to have it trimmed right before photos (it'll be her first haircut!). It's too short and fine to really do anything with, but it sticks up and out over her ears. I'll have to remember to carry her brush.


Michelle said...

SO cute...can't wait to see the photos!

nicole green said...

you guys looked so great! :)