Nov 11, 2008

Addy Update

Addy's next test (Gastric Emptying Test) is scheduled for November 24th. We'll hope that it leads us to the answer for Addy's constant vomiting. I was cleaning up Addy vomit twice yesterday and once this morning at 6:30. I hate to see her getting sick like this. I mean, really. The poor girl has been vomiting almost every day of her 18+ months!

We are STILL waiting to hear about the synagis shots that Addy should be getting. I spoke with nurse Collette today. She sent the paperwork in to the insurance company on Oct 29th (You'd think it would have been done sooner, since RSV season is Nov-March 31st this year!). She said she'd call to let us know as soon as she finds something out.

We kept our insurance through COBRA even though it costs $700 a month for Addy and I because it was her only chance to qualify for the synagis. Our other option would be to be put on Nick's insurance ($550/month) but synagis is NOT covered by his insurance. Since the shots are about $1000 each and she should get 5 over the RSV season, we figured we'd stay on the COBRA insurance until after RSV season. If her insurance company says she doesn't qualify this year, I'm going to be really upset! Let's all keep our fingers crossed!

EDITED TO ADD: Collette called to say Addy has been approved for synagis. We should be getting a call this week to schedule her first shot!

The good news... Addy's physical therapist through First Steps visited Addy this week and said that Addy is doing so well, she doesn't need physical therapy anymore! Renee will visit us one more time to see if we have any concerns before she does the release paperwork. It's a great step for Addyson. Of course, Addy will still get her Occupational Therapy that works on fine motor skills and feeding skills. We are in the process of adding a Dietitian and a Psychologist to the mix too, so we can give Addy all the tools she needs to feel better about eating. Of course, who wants to eat when you're vomiting all the time, so we really need to get that vomiting thing under control before we can expect to see any progress in the eating.

I'd love to hear from other families who are going through DGE or motility issues as well as oral aversion. Any info or suggestions help.


JessieLeigh said...

That's good news about the Synagis. And congrats to Addy for graduating from PT- what a fabulous step!

I think you're doing a great job in trying to involve a support team to ensure Addy gets all the help she needs with the feeding issues. I'm sorry I don't have more experience from which to draw helpful advice...

Have they referred Addy to a speech therapist through First Steps? Sometimes they can be really helpful with feeding issues too...

Ryann said...

We keep getting denied for speech, but we keep requesting. They said the magic age is 18 months (adjusted) so we'll try back in a few months.