Nov 19, 2008

works-for-me wednesday

For those loyal readers, I first want to apologize for being absent from blogging the last few weeks. I'd love to say it was because I was on some wonderful vacation with my family, but that's just not the case. We've been dealing with some ongoing health issues with my daughter, Addyson (nothing too serious, the the typical feeding issues and LOTS of vomiting... TMI!). And now on to the good stuff...

What's a better cure for the daily burn out than a weekend getaway with the hubby?! Since Addy was born in April 2007, Nick and I haven't really had much time to ourselves. And, that used to be OUR THING. We used to get away for a weekend at least 3 times a year. It's the time we would reconnect and replenish. We never traveled far, staying in Indiana. The lodge at Brown County State Park, tent camping in the heart of covered bridge country, a Bed & Breakfast in Southern Indiana, a cabin at a small campground, we found ourselves immersed in the local atmosphere, exploring the wilderness, and reliving history at the historical sites. I miss that time we had together and our relationship could use a good dose of rekindling. So, drum roll please.....

This upcoming Saturday morning, we are heading out on our first back pack camping adventure! We've always been tent camping kind of people, but it's always been at a campground... a fire pit at each site, outhouses or bath houses nearby, you know the kind. Pull up in your car, park, and unload your trunk. Hop in the car to go sight seeing around town or to run to the gas station for a bag of ice. This time is different. We are camping on private property owned by a friend of Nick's. There is a huge wooded area with a pond. We'll park at his house, load up our backpacks, and hike to the opposite end of the property to set up a campsite. We're trying to go as rustic as we are comfortable with. Obviously, we won't be miles and miles away from civilization, but I think it's a great way to prepare ourselves for future back pack camping adventures. Here's the hitch... according to the most recent forecast, Saturday we will see a high of 39 and a low of 24. That's pretty darn cold to be tent camping. Last year, we were able to get away for a camping night and it was pretty cold, but I don't think it was that cold.

I've been busy planning the trip, which has kept my mind off of dealing with the day in and day out crud. I've gotten our meals planned, our gear organized, and our warm clothes purchased and washed. New hiking boots were on my list and I was finally able to get some tonight. A bit more than I'm used to spending on shoes, especially since they are not everyday type shoes, but I hope to do a lot more hiking and camping in the future, so I think it's a good investment. I just need to figure out the best way to carry and keep clean water for the trip without it freezing. Nick thinks we may need to get a tent heater, just in case. I'm well prepared and don't think it's necessary, but we'll see. We plan on wearing layers of the proper clothing and our sleeping bags are really top notch and built for this kind of thing.

I'm looking forward to enjoying nature, my husband, peace and quiet, and trail mix! A toasty fire and a night under the stars works for me. I'd love to know what your ideal getaway with your significant other is, as we are always looking for new travel destinations. Share in the comments below, then read what works for other bloggers over at works-for-me wednesday hosted by RocksInMyDryer.


JessieLeigh said...

Sounds like you guys have a fabulous plan-- enjoy!

I believe you and I have discussed before that I am NOT the outdoorsy type... so camping doesn't fall very high on my list, though I think your toasty fire sounds lovely. :)

The best getaways we've gone on have been cruises-- we get to see several exotic places during one vacation, we don't have to come up with meal or restaurant plans, and neither of us has to do the driving. We just go to sleep and wake up on a new island! That definitely works for me. ;)

p.s. make sure you try to break in those new hiking boots a little

Ryann said...

Yeah, I thought about wearing the hiking boots to work today, but thought it might not be so appropriate. I'll be wearing them around the house this week to get them ready (or get my feet ready).

Nick is (he'll kill me if I say afraid, so I'll say...) not into being on a boat in the middle of the ocean, so a cruise won't be on our list of things to do. I know a lot of people really enjoy cruises and I think it would be interesting to visit those exotic places around the world that way.

Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just read your post about your mini vacay. I hope ya'll have a marvelous time!!! =)

Tracey said...

Hey Ryann,

Thanks for coming by Make Room comment on my butter wrappers.

I hear ya on the PW--she loves her butter too! I have really enjoyed reading her posts about Compassion Int'l and Marlboro Man's trip with the girls.

I only have a few minutes to read your blog, but I will be back! I grew up in Indy and can't wait to see what you have going on over here!

Tracey said...

I totally forgot to answer your question! We love long weekend getaways, leave Friday come home Monday kind of a trips. We use to see what was on a fire sale for airline tickets and just go.

Not as much with two little ones, but we will again soon. And we still manage to make it back to Indiana twice a year as a family.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I would love to get into once a month cooking too. My mom and sisters do it together but they live 3 hours away. If you have a group to do it with they can help take care of the little one!

Your getaway sounds great! I love camping! I have so many places on my list that I would love to do with my hubby. We skipped our honeymoon to invest the money in a house and now 2 years later and a baby on the way have never had a vacation. This girl needs a day on the beach!

Cyndy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've done the photo on the 3x5 card before...make sure you use really good glue. Just sayin' ;D.

Hubby and I don't get away that often, but we usually like a bed and breakfast...not that we don't like camping, but when it's just the two of us we like the ol' b&b.

Wanda said...

Wow! Ryann....I'm not too far from you. I live in North Vernon...south of Brown County.

I hereby claim your "toughness" to camp in this chilly weather....BONAFIDE TOUGH!

I can't say I'd be as excited as you sound....God bless you, girl!
I'm an old fuddy dud....I'd rather smooch it up at a B & B! I've moved on from the camping days...we did that a long time.
My old body can't take it anymore. I crave luxuries...especially in the temps you will have.
You guys party on and have a great time. These are some of the best memories.
Cute blog!

Tara aka "Mama Koala" said...

Sounds like you have all the details worked out! I'm so glad you are having the chance to getaway and reconnect. Enjoy every (cold) minute of it!:-)

We are in Texas, so are blessed to have many places within a couple of hours to go--I especially like to go to the beach at Corpus and have some tasty seafood. Haven't been there in awhile!

Blue Castle said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! Enjoy yourselves. :)

Raise Them Up said...

We moved to Indiana 5 years ago from Pa, so we are still learning about all the neat places to camp. It's so nice to meet someone from my new home.

We go camping every fall with our friends. We've had some really cold nights, but we take a heater, and our electric blankets and have just this year learned to put a tarp between the tent and the fly! It made for some really cozy nights this year in some very chilly weather.

I hope you have a wonderful time!