Oct 27, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

This week is a little scattered with Halloween and Nick being out of town for a bit, but here is our Menu none the less.

Sunday - loaded baked potatoes (Nick brought potatoes home from work and we used things from the fridge to complete the meal)
Monday - leftovers of the Chicken Enchiladas from last week for Nick (they were WAY too spicy for me! and I made Tuna Casserole (from pantry stockpile) for myself
Tuesday - Nick's out of town, so I'll eat leftover Tuna Casserole
Wednesday - Eggs & Toast (late night for Nick at work)
Thursday - Pork Chops (on sale), Scalloped Potatoes (from my pantry stockpile)
Friday - (quick because of Halloween!) Sloppy Joes (on sale $0.99/can @ Meijer + buy 3 get buns FREE!, need to buy ground beef & chips for "side dish")
Saturday - Chili in crockpot (I've been stocking up on supplies for this, so all I need to buy is ground beef!)

I've been overspending quite a bit at the grocery store because I've been stocking up on great prices. Nick bought me a tall storage cabinet to put in the garage (since my car is too big to park in the garage, I thought it only fair that I could use a little of the space for food storage!). I'll store canned goods and cleaning supplies out there, as I worry about critters if I store boxed goods like cereal and pasta. This week, I decided to use my stockpile and only buy a few things we need to complete the menu. Remember, however, this is a great time of year to stock up on baking goods (flour, sugar, etc.) so I did need to get a few things I was almost out of.

What's everyone else dishing up this week? Head over to Menu Plan Monday at I'm an Organizing Junkie to find out!

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nicole green said...

i'll be over for dinner thursday and saturday evenings. :) haha! just kidding. you always make the best dinner! i need to sit down and plan things out like you do. unfortunately dan-o has a wacky schedule so even if i did, i'd be fooling myself to think i'd actually cook every night. :)