Oct 22, 2008

works-for-me wednesday: Halloween Costumes

Two things about this upcoming Halloween...

I bought a giraffe costume at the second hand store a month or two ago for Addy. It is a 24 month size, but it was only $12 and REALLY cute! I figured she could wear it this year and next year. Then we went to a huge garage sale at my mother in law's church this past Saturday. All clothes were 25 cents each. I found two costumes. One is a lion and one is a spider. The lion will probably only fit her for this year, we'll save the giraffe for next year, and then the spider can be for the year after that... So, $12.50 divided by 3 years equals 4.17 per year/costume. Not bad. Let's just hope she wants to be a giraffe next year and a spider after that. If not, I guess they are fun for dress up. Inexpensive costumes work for Addyson!

Every year, we attend a Halloween party hosted by our friends, Phillip & Kathy! It's a costume party, so I always struggle with what to wear. This year, I've decided to dress as Kat Von D. For those of you who don't know who she is, check out this webpage. She's a rockin' tattoo artist with her own shop in LA. She has a new makeup line at Sephora also. For those of you who know me, you'll understand my hesitation with this. I am NOT a makeup girl - I do wear it, but it's BASIC, a little mascara & lipgloss. So, I'm glad my friend gave me a gift certificate to the salon/spa this past summer. The salon does makeup, so I've scheduled an appointment to have them make me look like this. I'm excited and have almost all the other details planned. I have the wig and it needs a little work... anyone know how to get those folds out of a wig (from being in a package so long)? The tattoo sleeves I purchased are too small, so I may end up trying to draw the tattoos on with a marker (anyone have any other suggestions besides SHARPIE?). I have found the perfect Tshirt at Walmart that I am going to alter too. I'll see what I can do about getting some good after photos done to post.

So, I guess what I'm saying is Halloween costumes work for me... I get excited about planning them and being someone else for a night. It's harmless and fun.

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JessieLeigh said...

I'm sticking with my liquid eyeliner recommendation. : )

Sounds like a great plan you've got! And I bet Addy's going to be so adorable... A. was a lion when he was a baby. So cute. And let me just tell you... my little girl would KILL for that spider costume! She LOVES spiders!

No advice on the wig... but I'm looking forward to seeing if anyone else has good tips!

Anonymous said...

Well, when I needed a beard in a pinch for vacation bible school I used dry erase marker.....it washed right off (Of course I only wore it for about 2 hours.)
Good luck!!!

Kenia said...

Good going..! I am so excited to see that giraffe Halloween costume. Happy Halloween.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of making my own tattoo sleeves for Halloween this year. I was going to try using markers or paint on knee high stockings. That way you can use both hands to create the designs. Just cut holds for your fingers. In theory. I think my costume is going another way. I hope this might help you! -LG in NJ