Oct 1, 2008

works-for-me wednesday

So, being a kitchen & bath designer should make posting about this week's Kitchen Organization theme an easy task, right? But you know that old proverb... "The cobbler's children go barefoot". That's the case at my house. The kitchen in my home is a mess... no organization, no order, no labels. Wish I could say differently, but my cabinets aren't even all from the same cabinet company... nope, you'll find 3 different oak cabinets and three different counter-tops in my kitchen. NOT BY CHOICE, but because we just don't have the money to do cosmetic updates to the house of that magnitude. I design beautiful and functional kitchens all day long at work though, if I do say so myself. I long for the day I can have the budgets that my clients have. Many people don't have the resources to remodel their entire kitchen, but retro-fitted cabinetry accessories are much more affordable and can transform the way you use your kitchen. My favorite website for these items is Rev-A-Shelf. Their tag line says it all "Changing the way you think about Cabinetry Organization!". Not only do they carry kitchen cabinetry products, but also products for your vanity cabinets and your closets. You can't just order from their website though, so if you can't find a local dealer in your area, email me at ryann@yourcabinetry.com and I'd be happy to help you get some pricing and place an order. Haven't you always wanted an ironing board that pops up out of a drawer or a trash can that pulls out of a cabinet door? Perhaps a lazy suzan for your corner wall cabinet so you can reach the things in the back. What about a shelf that holds your large kitchen mixer that you can't lift... they have a shelf that lifts up out of a cabinet and brings your mixer to counter height. I also have used their products in craft rooms. Imagine your scrapbooking space or your sewing room that's so unorganized you don't know where your latest project is. You imagine a product, they probably make it. I encourage you to check out their website if you are wanting to make your home more functional.

These products work for me and for my clients, I hope they work for you too! Don't forget to join me tomorrow for Thirsty Thursday! I've got a really good beverage recipe to share!

Visit works-for-me-wednesday over at RocksInMyDryer to pick up kitchen organizational tips from other bloggers.


Blue Castle said...

Thanks for sharing this website. I am going to go check it out. :)

JessieLeigh said...

Oh, I lust after gorgeous cabinetry. And don't even get me started on hardware... Tom could lose me for hours in a home improvement store. : ) But, since our home is on the market and money is tight, any of those improvements will have to wait. But so fun to look at! Thanks for sharing! (And you, unlike me, got the theme thing right!)