Sep 15, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Sunday: Eggs, Bacon, Toast
Monday: Chicken & Biscuits
Tuesday: Hamburgers & French Fries
Wednesday: Polska Kielbasa & Mac N Cheese
Thursday: Steak & Baked Potato
Friday: Mini Meatloafs & Scalloped Potato
Saturday: Grilled Chicken & Veggie Foil Packets

It's a busy week, so I've chosen easy recipes. Also note that our family grocery budget is around $40 per week, so you'll note our meals are simplistic. Since it's just my hubby and I who eat the meals, we don't go overboard with sides and whatnot.

One note to make, since we had the Chicken & Buscuits tonight... we decided we really dislike frozen veggies and will make this again, but using canned mixed veggies. We've done the same with chicken pot pie and other similar things that call for frozen... I think they just end up chewy and gross.

See what everyone is cooking up this week at Menu Plan Monday hosted by I'm an Organizing Junkie.


Cibbit said...

Cute site! I love your Birdie pic and I am very impressed with your $40/week food budget. Wow!
You may have already tried this but a trick I learned to make frozen or canned veggies taste less frozen or canned, is to make a compound butter mixture to cook with. Usually, it is margarine, bullion granuals, garlic powder and my favorite seasonings. Mix together and microwave. Easy and better than plain veggies.

JessieLeigh said...

We always substitute to fit our tastes... what's funny is that we don't mind frozen veggies here, but I won't even TOUCH canned! (I was raised a total "fresh brat" though, so I blame my mom a little bit... :))

Ryann said...

Thanks cibbit for the tip. I'll have to try that next time.

I was raised meat & pototoes, so I'm partial to canned veggies. I know, most people think I'm weird too! Wish I could be more healthy with fresh like jessieleigh.