Sep 16, 2008

Toolin' Up Tuesday

The tool we couldn't live without around here is the Zevex EnteraLite Infinity Enteral Feeding Pump. Since our daughter, Addyson takes no food by mouth, she recieves her nutrition through a g-tube. This tube was surgically placed in her stomach last November 2007. For a while, we tried bolus feedings, where you connect a syringe to the tube and let gravity do its thing. Addyson's stomach is very sensitive and couldn't handle the bolus feeds. We finally got the feeding pump. It allows us to change the settings and control the feedings more accurately. She receives about 5 ounces over the course of an hour, three times a day. She also receives about 19 ounces over the course of nine hours overnight. This allows her body to better tolerate the feedings so she can get the nutrients and calories that her body needs. One great accessory that we love is the Infinity Mini Backpack that came with the pump. It allows us to mix an entire 24 hours worth of formula at a time and stores it in this pack with ice packs to keep the formula fresh. It also holds the pump and tubing. This makes it much easier to travel out and about without worry. It also is much more discreet than pulling an IV pole around!
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