Sep 24, 2008

works-for-me wednesday

I know I'm fairly new to this blogging world, but I also maintain my daughter's Caringbridge page, so you'd think I'd know about all these great tricks. Yesterday, while using twitter to share my newest blog post, a friend of mine, JessieLeigh, introduced me to my new favorite online tool. It's called TinyURL. Sometimes when you are posting a comment or writing online, you don't have the option to do a hyperlink. In this case, you would post the URL like this: With TinyURL, you would simply paste that long URL into the website, hit the "Tiny It" button, and it automatically creates a smaller, more manageable URL for you. You can even customize it like so So, I encourage you to check out the TinyURL website and try it for yourself. Of course with all of you experienced bloggers out there, I'm probably telling you something you already know, but this really works-for-me.

Want to read what works for other bloggers? Check out works-for-me wednesday over at RocksInMyDryer.


JessieLeigh said...

So glad you checked it out! I owe Angie (from Baby Cheapskate and BlogCoach) for that one. She knows all kinds of nifty tricks. : )

But I did NOT know about the customization trick- pretty nifty! Thanks for sharing!

Erin K. said...

I've never heard of this! Thanks for sharing the tip, and thanks for stopping by my blog. I listen to Pandora all day at work as well - I love the variety and the fact that I can customize it to my mood. (Or I can play a lot of up-tempo stuff if I need to be motivated!)

I also checked out your daughter's story on CaringBridge. My husband's cousin (who also lives in/near Indy) had a very similar situation - her daughter was born very early and weighed less than 2 pounds. I'm so happy that both her little girl and yours made it through! I'll say a prayer for you that her upcoming testing will go well and that the doctors will find specific answers and treatment for her.

Have a great day!

Katie said...

I also have never heard of this but will definitely use it. I can easily go link-crazy so I'll have to contain my excitement. Thanks for the tip!

Also, I live in Indy too and used to work for the Riley Children's Foundation. I rarely find other local bloggers that I don't already know so that was a nice surprise!

Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Great post. I love tiny URL too. Are you on twitter? We had a great girl's night out last night and plan to repeat it this coming Tuesday. Join us if you can--even if you haven't tweeted before :).

And, thanks for your Twilight comment yesterday. I know, I think we were separated at birth LOL.